Must-Visit Contemporary Art Galleries In California

by | Jan 7, 2018

Historical works of art have for many years taken the entire art fraternity by storm. Museums, private galleries and institutions of higher learning are filled with art-works that were done centuries ago. This is actually expected, since historical artists had a unique way of capturing the attention of the members of their audiences. Not surprising, their art-works remain revered up to this day.

But, contemporary art is also showing great signs of improvement. In the past, historical art was actually unrivalled by any of the contemporary art works that are in existence today. The story is changing nowadays. A good number of contemporary artists are now able to rival the historical artists. This is all thanks to the coming of new techniques of producing art works of various kinds.

The state of California is one of the few states in the US to boast many contemporary art galleries. This is the state to visit if you want to experience art at a whole new level coupled with a unique sense of imagination and perception. Here is a look at some of the most stunning contemporary art galleries in the state of California.

Santa Barbara Museum of Contemporary Art galleries

this is Santa Barbara’s most iconic museum of contemporary art. Its galleries feature vast collections of contemporary art-works by professional artists within Santa Barbara and beyond.

Funk Zone

one of California’s most inviting and famous art galleries. It showcases a wide range of art-works including paintings, crafts and visual art-works. The gallery is open to the public every month in Santa Barbara.

The McLoughlin Gallery

this gallery comes with a unique setting and social character. It is a perfect spot for individuals who want to experience some of the most alluring and mind-provoking works of contemporary European artists. The gallery is located in San Francisco.

Alan Wofsy Fine arts

this is yet another amazing San Francisco-based art gallery renowned for featuring some of the best fine arts being produced today. Both the old and modern masters of art are depicted in the gallery. It is one of the most educative galleries in San Francisco.

Leslie Sacks Gallery

located at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, the gallery showcases an expansive selection of art-works.

Weston Gallery

located in Camel, the gallery is a hub of some of the finest works of art to have been produced in California.

4th Street Fine Art

a fine art gallery located in Berkeley, in East San Francisco.

Ethnic Art

another East San Francisco art gallery which is renowned for exhibiting some of the best forms of ethnic art-works.

These are the art galleries to visit if you want to experience contemporary art in a unique and memorable manner. People from all over the world flock to California for a memorable experience of contemporary art-work. A visit to one of these art galleries is all you need to satisfy your desire to gaze upon some of the finest contemporary art-works in the whole world today.