The Best Art Galleries In Santa Barbara

by | Dec 8, 2017

The state of California features a number of cities and counties where art is highly recognised. In particular, Santa Barbara is one of the cities in the state renowned for being home to some of the most revered art galleries on earth. Some of the art works reflect the life that is associated with the city along with its natural splendour and alluring environment. The city itself is also quite scenic and features many architectural marvels.

In Santa Barbara, there are many players in the art fraternity. The involved parties range from students of art, learning institutions of art and a wide range of organisations spread across the city as a whole and even beyond.

The Funk Zone

Exhibitions are held every month. They allow visitors to get exposed to a wide range of artworks including paintings, crafts, etchings and even sculpture. The gallery also showcases a selection of wines for lovers of wine.

The Santa Barbara Arts And Crafts Show

This is the art gallery to visit if you are interested in coming across some of the best craftwork that the city has to offer. It features a wide range of iconic figures of the art fraternity within the boundaries of the city and beyond. The gallery is open to the public every Sunday.

Seahorse Gallery

It features a number of art galleries coupled with wine tasting rooms for individuals who love wine. The artworks featured by the gallery are those belonging to some of the best artists of this age.

Artmo Gallery

This is definitely one of the best art galleries that the city has to offer. It features a wide selection of art-works from among the world’s best artists of all time. A number of art-works by local artists are also present in the gallery. It is a gallery to visit if you want exposure to some of the finest works of art in the world.

Gallerie Silo

The gallery is fairly small but has an intimate element to its level of organisation. This is what enables it to evoke a unique sense of personal satisfaction and relaxation while gazing upon its eclectic collection of pieces of art and jewellery.

Sullivan Goss - An American Gallery

An art gallery in Santa Barbara that is dedicated to giving visitors an unmatched exposure to some of the best American artists of all time. It is mostly focused on paintings and other art-works which were created by American artists who lived between 1850 and 1950. The gallery has an eclectic selection of art-works.

Gallery 113

A perfect opportunity to witness creativity and originality in spectacular fashion. A wide range of art-works are present for the members of the general public to gaze upon.

Museum of Contemporary Art, Santa Barbara Galleries

The museum showcases its art collections in each of its galleries. Art-works by award-winning contemporary artists are usually part of the galleries the museum boasts of. The galleries are also rich in history for the public to learn about the development of contemporary art.

10 West Gallery

A great Santa Barbara art gallery which showcases a wide range of contemporary art-works done by some of the most renowned artists in Santa Barbara and beyond. The gallery features art-works belonging to both professional and upcoming artists.

The Shopkeepers

This is an amazing art gallery which showcases a wide range of art works. Its venue is in Santa Barbara. The gallery is also associated with the display of a vast array of alluring jewellery, especially for elderly and middle-aged women.

Being exposed to the best galleries in santa Barbara can afford you the opportunity to come face to face with some of the best upcoming artists in the state of California. You will also get a chance to view some historical paintings done by the most distinguished historical artists of all time.